Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post 4: Visitors, Vistors, and Visitor

First: the Van Noy Visitors! 
Sophia was in heaven having Granpa Mike and Grandma Becky around.  Sooooo were we! A visit we had been anticipating since before we left Utah.
We had so much fun with my parents. We drove around the county, ate delicious food, shopped at the mall, and just enjoyed being around each other. Hanging out with them and seeing and talking to them was so much fun. A special memory we will never forget.

Next: the Lee Visitors!
We were VERY excited when Grandpa Tom and Grandma Kathie arrived in the Bluegrass.

We had so much fun with Tom and Kathie. We went to the Kentucky Horse park and rode "horses", ate yummy food, did some shopping, drove around Lexington neighborhoods, and enjoyed our time talking and hanging out together. It was so nice having Tom and Kathie in our home and spending time together. Another special memory we will never forget. 
Last: the Virigina Visit!  
Haircut by the Pro

Chillin wit my Uncle Dave and Aunt Becca!!
Thanksgiving meal preparation. Spencer and I had so much fun watching Dave and Becca gut, clean, and bake that beautiful turkey. They are a great team and sure make delicious Turkey and Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you

 So fun to spend time with David and Becca. We love them and love being around them. Thanks for letting us stay in your home and chauffeuring us around your Virginia.

Just thought she might brighten up your day.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Post 3

Tom and Kathie were visiting David and Becca in Virgina. David came up with a plan... We drive to Blacksburg VA and you drive to Backsburg VA. Tom and Kathie wont know you will be there. SURPRISE THEM!!
So they drove to Blacksburg and we drove to Blacksburg and surprised Tom and Kathie. Kathie's jaw-dropping reaction was unforgettable and Tom's excited chuckle was priceless.

Our "reunion" took place in the Virgina Tech campus Bookstore with lots of hugs and excitement. We got shirts and ate some lunch and some dessert and visited places that were meaningful to Tom and Kathie. We talked and talked and had so much fun.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Post 2

Sophia LOVES purses.
Our air conditioning was broken. For two days.

We met Secretariat

and the beautiful horses at the Kentucky Horse Park. This ones name is TY.  He reminded us of Sophia's cousin Tyson in Boise. Sophia misses all her cousins so much.

We saw all different types of horses at the park.

 Visited the capital of Kentucky, Frankfort.  What a beautiful town. Frankfort is about half the size of Logan.  We drove past the state capital (looks very similar to SLC state capital only older) and through the town. We visited the state museum where we saw Abraham Lincolns pocket watch.  President Lincolns ACTUAL pocket watch! From Tiffanys ... might I add! The museum was really neat. 

Little Soph hurt her ankle SO we spent a lot of time on the ground and re-learning/learning how to crawl.

 Well, we like it here.  We like our neighbors.  We like our ward.  We like our place.  We like spending so much time together.  Life isn't perfect but that, to me, is what makes it perfect. Until next time. Much Love

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post 1

 The Start of a New Beginning


 Our journey was eventful. Nauvoo - Amazing. Have you ever been in an Indianan rain storm? Spencer has ... for ten seconds.  Need a towel? Swimming at the Little America Hotel.
Everything arrived safely, thanks to our expert packers.
The unpacking process has been just that, a process.
Sophia loves her daddy.  She also loves helping him .....

build this AMAZING, HUGE, DREAM desk!! The dumpster has been good to us. We took a load of trash to the garbage and saw this giant slab of beautiful solid wood.  Spencer has been wanting a large desk for his studies here at UK Law.  Everything we found was either too expensive or not big enough. Its amazing where blessings come.  So we took this piece of wood from the garbage and Spencer turned it into his desk using the 2x4's Tom used to build the box around Spencers scooter. WOW. Fun